The 90-Day Sprint to Profit Coaching Program for Amazon Sellers
Are you ready to build a profitable brand, prepare to scale, and get positive cash flow... in 90 days?
For Amazon Sellers Who Are Serious About Growing a Long Lasting, Profitable Brand...
The Right Way.
Imagine building a profitable, scalable brand on Amazon in just 90 days.

You might be thinking it's not even possible, and I get that... but it is. We've personally coached over 500 Amazon sellers and have witnessed the results firsthand (see their success stories below).

Our 4-Step System has been developed and refined from over 20 years of combined experience selling and managing over $40MM of Amazon sales, and we'll be guiding and coaching you to execute this exact system in just 90 days.
Increase Your Chance of Success by Up To 95%
Each one of the coaches here at Northbound Academy personally experienced the growing pains and failures of selling on Amazon.
We know what it's like to run out of cash, feel like a failure, and not experience the success and profit we needed. Most of our initial businesses failed before we "cracked the code" to building highly profitable Amazon brands. Something we've done, time and time again, coaching over 500 Amazon sellers around the world.

We've boiled down our 4-Step System into a business growth accelerator the 90-Day Sprint to Profit Coaching Program.

Through interactive coaching and accountability from a team of successful Amazon experts, we will prepare your personalized success plan and guide you every step of the way to achieve your growth and profitability goals.
Now is your chance to turn your business around, put (lots of) money in your pocket each month, and have the freedom and confidence to finally live the life you truly want (like traveling the world... coaching others... or quitting your day job).
Hulda, one of our recent graduates, says it best, 
You'll "learn the right way to sell like hell on Amazon."
See The Results For Yourself
Tim Peakman works full time and gets over 100k in sales in Dec. 2016 (and Dec. 2017 as well)
“I had 1 product under 1 listing in 1 country…I was bumping along selling maybe 0-5 units every day, and I thought there was either a trick I was missing or it just doesn’t happen to everyone.
“They showed me just to focus on a few things, and with my relaunch strategies I got a boost, and I sold out my product.”
— Tim Peakman
In 2017 alone, Tim Peakman (from the UK) created a solid business that allows him to take some time off from his full-time job to go travel around the world. And even hang out with us in places like Mexico, Spain and Vegas. All while his business pays for it.
Tim Shelton increased his sales from December 2015 to December 2016, and spent 2017 traveling the world with this family after working with us.
“This program is the best investment you could make. Our lifelong dream was to travel indefinitely with our kids and thanks to the greatly expanded income coming directly from techniques learned from K&I, we actually started last weekend. I am currently writing this from our Airbnb apartment in Los Angeles.” 
— Tim Shelton
He also sent us his Black Friday 2017 screenshot where he made $6,953 in PROFIT in one day while relaxing in Italy!
Sarah Dashfield reached new heights after only working with us for about 4.5 months, and she got to $50,000 in sales in one month, and she is using the profits to giveback and do a charity race across India!
“I’ve had a lot of highs and lows. My first several products weren’t that great. I had a high cost of goods and my prices were too high for the average customer on Amazon. I was paying a lot of monthly for other training and shiny objects. It was too much information and it was confusing.
“You guys teach things that no one else teaches. All I can tell you is I used your criteria to pick products and I’ve sold out. I’ve got one day left of stock out of 1,000 units in just over a month – gone. I’ve never had that kind of success.”
— Sarah Dashfield
Debbie Thompson got her best 30 day results ever in Quarter 4 of 2017 (and she only shared her US figures, but she sells in UK/EU as well)
“In 2015, I didn’t protect my inventory and about 1,000 units disappeared. I also had a coupon code go viral on a deal site, and pretty much all 1,500 units were gone. At the time, you think it’s the end of the world, and the next day it is what it is, dust yourself down, get yourself back up again. I have also wasted time on shiny objects. When you buy these shiny objects that promise you the world and it doesn’t happen, you can lose your confidence.
“My advice is to find a mentor, trust them, stick with them, and let them guide you – really let them guide you. Don’t half pretend that you’re listening to them, because they’ve seen it all. They also can see what you’re doing well, what your strengths are, or perhaps what you need guidance with, and stay with them.” 
— Debbie Thompson
Travelling parents shift direction from a directionless biz into an exciting new brand by incorporating their lifestyle
Frank & Grainne Foley got great success on Cyber Monday of 2017 even though he was out of stock on his main product! $3,141 on Cyber Monday alone! ($1,595 on Black Friday)
Our 90-Day Sprint to Profit Coaching Program Will Help You....
● Prepare a Clear Plan to Help You Achieve Your Goals
● Increase and Control Your Cash Flow
● Identify The Right Product Opportunities
● Achieve Predictable Monthly Revenue
● Forecast Your Growth you can live the Amazon Seller's lifestyle you've been dreaming of (like waking up to the gentle sound of waves crashing along white sand beaches in Bali with an inbox full of $2,000+ in overnight sales - cha ching!).
At the end of the 90-Day Sprint to Profit Coaching Program, you'll have the foundation for a profitable business you could sell for 6 or 7 figures...
The biggest pay day of your life.
Higher income and more freedom inspired you to start your Amazon selling business.
All you need to achieve your goals is coaching, support and outside perspective from an Amazon selling expert whose done it before to guide you along the way as put in the work to execute the plan. 
The 90-Day Sprint to Profit Coaching Program Will Prepare You To...
● Get your traffic converting at 32.9 - 61.25%.
● Generate more (positive) reviews.
● Identify which products to sell and the fastest methods to get sales.
● Develop an irresistible brand that stands apart from competitors.
● Identify the countries and markets you should be selling in.
You'll Learn The Systematic Approach to Building a Profitable Brand On Amazon
● How to build a brand of products around an ideal client
● How to choose the right products for your ideal customer
● How to build high converting listings
● How to launch the simple and most cost effective way for ranking and reviews
● How to build a 12-month Strategic Plan to hit your goals
● How to prepare your business to sell for your biggest payday ever
● How to build your 90-Day Plan to Sprint to Profit 
You'll have coaching, support, and accountability from our team of Amazon experts and fellow Amazon sellers.
Real Success Stories. Real Clients.
During Your Complimentary Sprint to Profit Call We'll...
● Identify Where You Are
● Discover Your Growth Goals
● Show You How You Can Sprint to Profit in 90 Days.

We'll be sure to answer all of your questions, discuss how the program works, and show you everything that's included.
Are you ready for your 90-Day Sprint to Profit?
BONUS: You'll get a FREE copy of our 4 Steps to Profit Guide (even if we don't work together)
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