REAL - Our Amazon Selling Journey


Hey Amazon Seller,

Meet Your Team of REAL Coaches. Our Journeys to Financial Success and True Lifestyle Freedom Didn’t Come Easy…. And for Some Sellers, It Doesn’t Come at All. We’ve Set Out to Change That by Teaching REAL Strategies That Build REAL Businesses to Finally FUEL the Life You Set Out to Live!

But Before We Get Into How… A Personal Introduction Is in Order!

Kirsty Verity

  • Sold over $16M in Physical Products on Amazon since 2013
  • Strategic Branding Expert – 20 years experience developing branding and marketing strategies for many household brands
  • Been coaching Amazon sellers since 2015 with great results
  • Coached over 500 Amazon Sellers personally
  • Loves building memories, travelling, adventure and hanging out with awesome people

Isaac Kuhlman

  • Amazon Brand Developer since 2013
  • Developed Amazon brands with an excess of $12 million in sales
  • Coaching Amazon sellers since 2015
  • Coached over 500 Amazon Sellers personally
  • Creator of Sourcing Profits course
  • Loves Developing Music and is writing an album

Rebecca Scanlon

  • Selling on Amazon since 2015
  • Monthly sales over 100,000 and growing
  • Expert in Amazon Branding and Copywriting
  • One of only 200 Certified Brendon Burchard High Performance Coaches
  • Wife and Mom to 2 Kids and loves the fact she can fit everything in around this business

Amanda Tucker

  • Selling on Amazon since 2016
  • 20+ years career background in blue-chip consumer brand marketing and operational change management
  • 15+ years team leadership and personal coaching experience
  • A ‘born and bred’ Brit, living in Sydney, Australia. Globally Mobile!

We’ve All Traveled the Path You’re On Right Now

Let Me Guess… Your Journey to Amazon Began When You Reached the “Life Sucks” Breaking Point?

You were burned out. Exhausted. Fed up. Was it from your 9-5 J.O.B? Stuck in the corporate rat race? Needing a higher income? A stay-at-home Mom seeking more from life? Working crazy hours that were wearing on your relationships, family life, and health?

When You Realized…

“There’s a lot more to life than this…”

All of a sudden it becomes clear. You know what you want out of life and commit to doing what it takes to create a new lifestyle. More time with family and the people you love. More time doing the things you love (like skiing, traveling the world, or playing music). And of course… the financial stability to fund it all! (HINT: This is the most important part of the Amazon seller’s journey – you’ll see why soon).

And at Just the Right Time…

The Amazon $$$ Opportunity Lures You In

After searching (deep inside yourself and all over the internet), you stumble upon the Amazon opportunity. Maybe it was after trying other businesses, spending money on courses, or because a friend told you about it. For most of us, it was through ASM (which is an amazing course by the way – pun intended). When you say “YES” to the opportunity, it feels like the golden ticket to your future life!

You’re Overjoyed with Excitement…

Woohoo! Let’s Make Some Money!

After you learn the ropes, you’re off to the races. You push your first product up as fast as you can and anxiously await the email notification for your first sale (*fingers crossed*). Some sellers have success right out of the gate, and others struggle to get traction. No matter what – your uninformed optimism is still raging high!

After a Little Experience You Start to Think, “Uh-Oh…

“There’s a Lot More to This Than I Ever Imagined…”

The harsh reality check that slaps you in the face. When control seems to slip through your fingertips. When you sit down at your computer each day and stare at the screen not knowing what you should be doing. You’re 100% overwhelmed with how much you need to learn about marketing, PPC, rankings, optimizing listings, getting reviews, choosing products, sourcing products, negotiating payment terms, and managing cashflow. It feels like the “Amazon Gorilla” is sitting on your chest.

And If Things Don’t Turn Up Soon…

You’ll Be Having an “Oh Shit!” Moment

Panic sets in. You start to look for quick fixes. Follow the latest “hack” or “ninja trick.” Seek out the “gurus” to give you answers. Like putting band-aids on broken bones (that never works, and it really hurts!). You know the ONLY way to survive and thrive is to take back control and get clarity. It’s now or never! Will you sink? Tread water? Or go for a leisurely swim on a white sand beach any time you want? ← sounds pretty nice, eh?

This Is When You Make It… Or Don’t

Which Path Will You Take?

This is “the great divide” in the story that separates true lifestyle business owners from struggling (or out of business) sellers. It’s at this point when quitters quit (or go bankrupt). Others re-ignite hope (and if you’re reading this – NOW is your time to hop on the bandwagon). Which path will you commit to? What you do with the information and opportunity before you at this very moment will dictate your future…

When You Stop Focusing on Just Selling Products

And Shift Your Mindset Towards Building a REAL Business

This is the #1 mistake most sellers make – they focus on selling products. When you look at the most successful sellers who have true lifestyle freedom and a healthy income, you’ll notice a common theme. They’ve built solid brands from the foundation of a REAL business. A business that is simply set up to succeed. A business that runs with the least amount of time required. A business that runs systematically and predictably like a fine Swiss watch – fool proof and future proof.

The Path to Success and Ultimate Freedom

Begins by Reconnecting with WHY You Started On Amazon in the First Place

Reconnect with WHY you became a seller in the first place. Find that spark – the fuel to keep you going. Hold the vivid vision of the life you set out to create in the forefront of your mind – like a compass holding true north, no matter what. It’s time to commit, do the right thing, follow the right strategy, accept guidance from those who’ve done it before you, and learn step-by-step how to become a high-performance seller.

Anything Is Possible with the Right People

Working for You, with You, and Supporting You

When you align yourself with the right people, anything is possible. Toxic people (and advice) drag you down. Positive (and intelligent) people lift you up. “It takes a village to raise a child,” right? It also takes a village to build a business. To have people you can rely on, ask for help, support you when you’re down, provide answers to problems they’ve faced before you, and even go out for a drink with to keep you company! That’s the kind of people we invite into our community – like-minded sellers and all of us coaches that are here to support you along your journey to building a business that truly FUELS your life.

Simplicity Is the (Proven) Key

To High Performance and Fast Progress

We’ve tested nearly every strategy in the Amazon playbook, tried all the hacks and ninja tricks, and have been behind the scenes of over 530 Amazon businesses. We know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve combined the knowledge of selling over $25MM and managing over $12MM/year for clients and have distilled our learnings into a simple business-building system. This is the foundation we live and breathe inside our own businesses, and what we coach throughout all of our programs.

The principals we use ourselves (and the same ones we teach) have been working for blue chip companies, ma’ and pa’ brick and mortar shops, and even Amazon businesses alike for decades.

Your Future Lifestyle Depends on Your Commitment

To Get the RIGHT Shit Done

When you have a team of the right people teaching you the right strategies to use, all of the confusion and analysis-paralysis simply melts away. Say goodbye to the days of staring at your computer screen “working” for the sake of “working” when you’re not actually doing anything (or spending time on the wrong things). We help you focus on the RIGHT things so you can get shit done (GSD is what we call it!). Hulda, one of our students says it best, “You’ll learn the right way to sell like Hell on Amazon.”

Our Team Has Your Back

Anytime You Feel Stuck

We’re REAL people who are dedicated to helping you succeed. There will be times you feel stuck, face an obstacle (like an Amazon TOS change or a hijacker), or meet a completely new opportunity that could use an extra pair of eyes – and between all of us and fellow members inside our private groups, you’ll find the feedback and support you need to continue along an unwavering path to success.

Is This Just Like Your Story?

Then Let’s Jump-start Your Journey to Building a
Business to Finally FUEL the Life You Set Out to Live!