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Tim Peakman works full time and gets over 100k in sales in Dec. 2016 (and Dec. 2017 as well)

“I had 1 product under 1 listing in 1 country…I was bumping along selling maybe 0-5 units every day, and I thought there was either a trick I was missing or it just doesn’t happen to everyone.

“They showed me just to focus on a few things, and with my relaunch strategies I got a boost, and I sold out my product.”

— Tim Peakman

In 2017 alone, Tim Peakman (from the UK) created a solid business that allows him to take some time off from his full-time job to go travel around the world. And even hang out with us in places like Mexico, Spain and Vegas. All while his business pays for it.

Former Aussie accountant overcomes setbacks to quit her job and double her sales by finding the right mentors

“In 2015, I didn’t protect my inventory and about 1,000 units disappeared. I also had a coupon code go viral on a deal site, and pretty much all 1,500 units were gone. At the time, you think it’s the end of the world, and the next day it is what it is, dust yourself down, get yourself back up again. I have also wasted time on shiny objects. When you buy these shiny objects that promise you the world and it doesn’t happen, you can lose your confidence.

“My advice is to find a mentor, trust them, stick with them, and let them guide you – really let them guide you. Don’t half pretend that you’re listening to them, because they’ve seen it all. They also can see what you’re doing well, what your strengths are, or perhaps what you need guidance with, and stay with them.”

— Debbie Thompson

Debbie Thompson got her best 30 day results ever in Quarter 4 of 2017 (and she only shared her US figures, but she sells in UK/EU as well).

Travelling parents shift direction from a directionless biz into an exciting new brand by incorporating their lifestyle

“What we were doing was failing – it wasn’t going to make it, and we needed a new direction. After we contacted you guys, all that changed for us. It was a huge shift. It started to make sense that this was going to be huge for us and fun. It got us excited about the business again.

“We know that we’re achieving at a much higher level now, because we really know what to do and it’s helped us incorporate a lot of the things that we wanted to include in our lifestyle. We feel like we’re firing on all cylinders finally. If we had joined a year earlier things would be very different.”

— Frank and Grainne Foley

Even though they were out of stock on their main product, Frank & Grainne Foley were able to make $3,141 on Cyber Monday 2017 alone ($1,595 on Black Friday)

Then Frank and Grainne hit a record 30 day sales mark shortly after…

And doubled their sales from one year to the next by working with us:

And what’s even better are results that show as quick as a few months, or even days. By studying, applying our material and following our advice.

Sarah Dashfield reached new heights after only working with us for about 4.5 months! She reached $50,000 in sales in one month and is using the profits to go on a charity race across India with her husband.

German couple go from completely lost to good sales and confidently coaching others by following the training

“The surprising thing about the strategies is that they are reproduce-able. What works for one product, works for them all.

“We have less stress, and instead of talking about our Amazon business night and day, we have set times where we discuss business so we can enjoy our personal lives much more now.”

— Nicole Frank and Joachim Lorenz

Is This Just Like Your Story?

Then Let’s Jump-start Your Journey to Building a Business to Finally FUEL the Life You Set Out to Live!

Retired Texas couple gets out of their own way to setup a profitable Amazon business while enjoying afternoons on the lake!

“We knew that if we were going to move this forward, we’re going to have to get into a group. The 30 day bootcamp was an eye-opener on what we had been missing the last two years. If we had started this a year ago – we’re a year behind from where we could be.

“We are much better at understanding how to do listings, photography, and searching for products. It’s not even the same boat we were in. We don’t even think the same way anymore. It’s uncluttered, and there’s a whole other criteria that we have to meet personally before we’ll even accept something now.

“If I could give anybody my best piece of advice it would be to, just follow the steps and get out of your own way.”

— Chris and Katie Goggans

Heather Farrell gives a cautionary account of how she would have saved herself a LOT of money if she would have signed up sooner

“The entire group moves step by step through product selection, sourcing and ordering, figuring out packaging, writing listings, critiquing photos, keyword research, PPC adverting, and a lot more.

“For anyone who has stumbled on any of these key areas the 90-day program will help you push right through and leave you with a far superior product and listing than most of us are capable of finding and creating on our own.

“I think one of the biggest benefits is getting to know the other people in the group and bouncing ideas, copy, photos etc. off them. It’s like an instant focus group any time you need one and this Facebook community is far more helpful compared to others I am part of.

“For me, I went through the program right as I was creating a completely new brand so most of my results will become evident in the coming months. I wish it had been available back when I first started because I know I would have saved A LOT of money on stupid mistakes that I can easily spot now, but I tripped right into as a novice.

“Other coaches might claim to get you similar results, but Northbound are the only trainers I know of in this business who teach you to start with the numbers and only move forward with products that meet your minimum requirements. Sounds easy I know, but when you are out there on your own it can be really hard not to get emotionally wrapped up in an idea, brand or product. Once you learn to run the numbers, it becomes really easy to logically decide what to sell first, and what to walk away from for good. It also really helps to have successful sellers validating your choices and helping you see the logic in moving away from bad decisions; past and present.

“If you want to minimize your risk in this business, reduce the number of mistakes you will make and reach your business goals faster, the 90-day program will give you all of that and more. They made it really easy to follow and made sure to fill in the blanks that other ‘basic training’ breezes over, and more advanced programs assume you already know. (I didn’t!) My only regret is not having done it sooner.”

— Heather Farrell

Phil and Hilary Holliday recount their Amazon experience and their thoughts on the 90 Day Group Coaching

“We commenced our Amazon adventure with ASM4 in 2015. It started off pretty well with our first product and we thought it was easy!

However our next few products didn’t go as well. We followed several different ‘gurus’. and bought loads of ‘tools’ to help us succeed, but they didn’t. We just wasted a lot of money. Gradually we lost focus, motivation and enthusiasm for our Amazon business.

But we didn’t give up, as we knew that when we got it right this would be the business that allowed us to finally live the lifestyle we’d always dreamed of.

In September 2017 we came across Northbound Academy (at that time K&I). Specifically, we heard about Rebecca Scanlon’s success. We knew Rebecca from when we joined ASM and knew that she had struggled initially as well. We contacted her and she confirmed that joining K&I had totally transformed her business in less than 12 months.

On that recommendation, we decided to join the Northbound 90 Day Coaching Program in February 2018.

The past 3 months have totally reinvigorated us and given us a new direction. Focusing on building a brand and looking at the business from a cash flow perspective makes complete sense to us. And we love that the whole approach is to keep this business as simple as possible.

Having weekly calls, where we could openly discuss our products, (due to all participants signing an Non Disclosure Agreement) motivated us to keep producing results and work towards the targets we set.

We are well on the way to getting several new products listed under our new brand, which is very exciting. Our sales projections clearly show that we’re on the way to achieving the business we always knew this could be! These are not ‘pie in the sky’ figures, but realistic estimates based on current Amazon sales, and actual costs of goods quotes from suppliers.

The coaches are knowledgeable and always there to help. Again due to the NDA we actually got to see the products they are selling, together with their branding. We don’t know of another coaching program (at this level) where this would happen. Our only slight criticism would be that we don’t think we heard from the other coaches enough, with Isaac carrying the bulk of the load.

The other program members in the private Facebook group and on the calls are great, and always provide excellent input to help everyone.

We are impressed enough to continue on for the next 90 days, as we can see that the investment will be well worth it.

If you really want to make fast progress in this business and avoid a lot of the pitfalls, this is the only Program we would recommend.”

— Hilary Holliday

“The advice has been sound. I have a very clear direction of where my business is going and what I need to do in the coming months…and what products I am going to be launching and a very clear strategy of how I’m gonna get where I want to be.”

— Kathy Wilkinson

Kathy Wilkinson goes from confusion with product selection and losing money with a previous marketing company to getting back on track with a clear plan!

Ever had a goal of taking an entire year to travel with your family or friends? Or just a few months off to visit new interesting places and plunge into exciting adventures?

Tim Shelton increased his sales by 700% from December 2015 to December 2016, and spent 2017 traveling the world with this family after working with us.

He also sent us his Black Friday 2017 screenshot where he made $6,953 in PROFIT in one day while relaxing in Italy!

Join a community of expert – and profitable – Amazon sellers

Could you pay off all your debt and leave your dreaded 9-5?

That’s exactly what Elijah Kim did. He paid off over $200,000 in debt after just about 7 months of working with us. His Amazon business provided the monthly income he needed to quit his full time job gradually as he was building it.

“The VIP session totally changed the business really. I had no idea what my brand was about, who my ideal customer was, or where I was going with it. Working with you guys changed everything about it.

“I have my next 10 products all lined up and on schedule with a real clear path. The (money) I spent on this program is a drop in the bucket in terms of what I am going to make.”

— Darrell Paterson

Englishman goes from an unclear business plan to having a fantastic brand with next 10 products lined up

Not everyone needs to venture on epic journeys or accomplish grand goals. For some, winning at life might mean being able to work from home in their pajamas.

Here are some examples from one of our member who is now one of our coaches. In Cyber Monday in November of 2017, she did in a day what she expected to do in 30 days a year before.

Business partners go from stressed and making no sales to having a product selling over 60 units a day with VIP

“For me, the biggest thing is the accountability. That and the networking and being part of a tribe are so valuable as we all work on our businesses together.” — Teri Thomas

“The VIP Mentoring has been the best choice of all the thousands of dollars I have spent on investing into my business education.”

— Valerie Petersen

applied our advice to run a particular promotion during a peak holiday period, and she hit her biggest sales day ever with $4,372! Yes, that’s one day in sales.

Yvonne Decoteau really got excited when she saw her $3,500 in sales on Cyber Monday, between the UK and US markets!

Katy Rowden got a record breaking day on Black Friday. That’s after she had to reboot her business and with only really two products. She ended up making $3,022 in sales on that day.

Rahul Mehta got $4,065.76 dollars on just Cyber Monday 2017 as well!

Join a community of expert – and profitable – Amazon sellers

What if you just graduated college but don’t plan on ending up in a soul sucking cubicle anytime soon?

Enter “The King of Prime Day!”. Just a funny but well deserved nickname we use for Tyler Wagley, who graduated in 2017. Here are his 2016 and 2017 Prime Day sales for just ONE DAY of each year.

Are you hoping to, someday, finally be able to pay for your dream house? What if you could, cash in hand?

Marion Gentry went from a small time Amazon business barely paying bills, to growing it to $50,000 per month and getting her dream house. In her 60s!

You can build a business like that. All it takes is a tested roadmap, strong business foundations and the willingness to put in the work, day in and day out. Plus a team of cheering, motivated and successful peers who are already doing it.

Dave and Eli Kim Passed the $50k Sales Per Month Threshold Just Two Months After Going To Our Live Boot Camp

Hi guys (sorry for the long post),

My brother and I (Eli) finally hit a milestone today after the Bootcamp in Sydney. We are halfway towards our 90 day goal of $100k/month.

Just a quick summary of what we have been through:
– By the time we were 28 and 29 we were over $1M in debt due to failed businesses and bad investments prior to GFC. We still have some minor debt left but plan to erase it all by the end of the year

– Failed at everything that we touched in our twenties

– Had to sell our newly constructed home but still built a new home for my mum with every dollar that we had left

– My brother had to postpone his marriage to his long term partner due to business debt but finally made it happen last year

– We have been neglected and ridiculed by our parents and this hurt us the most as we were just trying to give everyone a better life as they struggled since they immigrated to Australia

– Never went travelling nor enjoyed ourselves as we spent all our money on books, seminars, business training etc.

– At one stage we slept on the floor of our office for a few months as we could not go back home due to the mounting tension. We were seriously homeless and ate minimal food to save money

– Still after all this we NEVER gave up on our business dream

Just some tips to help everyone:

– Make sure that your product is not the same as everyone else in the market. You must have a solid differentiation. Read the reviews of your competitors

– I hired a Sourcing Agent and this has made all the difference. I got the idea when I saw the launch of Souring Profits (thanks Paul Sinclair!) and I couldn’t afford the program but got so much value and info from their first launch webinar and took action immediately

– After the bootcamp, I sat down and did the spreadsheet on the profitability and sales planner. I now do this almost every single day/week to make sure that I’m on track – MAKE SURE YOU DO THIS as its absolutely gold. Without a plan you will fail

– Don’t be afraid to spend money when its needed. You will need to have this mindset from Day 1. If you want to make $10K in sales per month then you will need to spend about a third in product, marketing etc. so $3K. If you want to make $50K/month then you must be willing to spend $15K/month. It is what it is, and I had to scrape through every dollar that I had in credit cards, savings (even though I didn’t have much) and reinvest it all back in over and over again

– Get off everyone’s emails list and stop reading all the unnecessary Amazon emails too

– Just focus on Product Research, Sales and Reviews – that’s it! Don’t clog your mind with all unnecessary BS as it will drain all the energy out of you

If you need any help just let me know and I will try my best. I thank God for this journey and all his hidden blessings (even at our lowest point), as its through hardship that real fruits are born.

Dave and Eli