Eight Tips and Tricks to Help You Quickly Sell More on Amazon


Sales are the lifeblood of any Amazon FBA business. But, with around 3,000 new sellers joining Amazon every day, competition is tough. Many sources will tell you to have patience, that it takes time to build a presence on Amazon, and while that is great advice, sometimes you just want to see immediate results!

An increase in sales can be an amazing boost of confidence and can confirm that you’re moving in the right direction with your Amazon FBA business. In this article, we’re going to share some tips and tricks to help you quickly sell more on Amazon.

1. Reduce Your Prices

One of the biggest deciding factors when it comes to purchasing a product is price. With the competition being so fierce on Amazon, you need to be prepared to compete on price – especially if you’re new to the game.

For your first couple of days of sales (either as a new brand or with a new product) reduce your price as much as you possibly can. A good place to start is your break even point. This means that you will be selling the product for a price that allows you to break even. In other words, you won’t make a profit, but you won’t lose money either – think of this as a ‘giveaway’ period.

As your sales begin to increase, gradually increase the price of your product. Do this slowly, by around £0.50 a time (at most!) and monitor how your sales change. In this period, your reviews and page clicks should be increasing too, which will increase your visibility and also how trustworthy buyers view your brand to be. This will all be in your favour when it comes to increasing your prices.

2. Encourage Reviews

After price, the next biggest deciding factor for buyers is star rating. The higher your star rating is, the more comfortable people will be buying products from you. It gives your listing a kind of ‘social proof’ by telling buyers that other people bought your product and they were happy with it.

The only way to improve your star rating is by getting good reviews. As online shopping continues to grow in popularity, so does the power of online reviews. According to a survey by Search Engine Land, 88% of consumers now say that they trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

Obtaining reviews on Amazon is a serious business. They have some pretty strict guidelines in place to make sure all reviews are legitimate, and if you don’t follow these guidelines then you could risk losing your seller account! Here’s a list of product reviews from Amazon that go against those guidelines:








(Click here to view the full web page.)

Don’t let this put you off actively seeking reviews. Amazon wants your products to have reviews because that means more people will visit the site to buy your product. In fact, Amazon even helps sellers out by sending automatic emails to buyers to ask them if they want to leave reviews. As these emails aren’t personalised, the success rate isn’t great, but there is nothing stopping you from creating your own automated email campaign to increase reviews (and hopefully sales!). Automation tools like Feedback Genius make this easy.

3. Optimise Your Listings

If you aren’t selling as much as you think you should be, go back through your listings and make sure everything is perfect. This includes your spelling, grammar, and the subject matter of your product descriptions.

When writing copy for your product listings, it is important to ensure you highlight benefits as well as features. Let’s say you’re selling lip balm. Here’s a snippet of how your product listing would look if you only listed the features of the product:

  • 5g tube of strawberry-flavoured lip balm
  • Coconut oil-based
  • Added Vitamin E

There’s nothing overtly ‘wrong’ with listing the features like this, but take a look at how much the product description can be enhanced when you add benefits:

  • 5g tube of strawberry-flavoured lip balm – fits perfectly in your pocket or purse!
  • Coconut oil-based – kind to your skin!
  • Added vitamin E – antioxidant-rich and soothing

Benefits increase sales because they make product listings much more appealing and speak directly to the buyer, letting them know why they need your product. For more tips on optimising your product listing copy, check out our previous article: Writing Copy on Amazon: 7 Essential Tips

Remember: It’s not all about the text! You also need to make sure your images are optimised so that they encourage people to click on your listing and buy with confidence. Your product images should be clear, professional, and accurately reflect your product.

4. Pay Per Click Ads (“Sponsored Product Ads”)

One of the best ways to sell more is to be seen more, and PPC ads can give you this visibility in an instant. In exchange for a small cost per click (CPC), your product listing can appear FIRST in Amazon’s listings for your chosen keywords. All you need to do is create a campaign, select your keywords, and bid higher than your competitors for the placement.

Visibility can play a huge role in how many products you sell, especially when you consider that 70% of people never search past the first page of results. To find out more about PPC, download our free guide today.

5. Post Ads Elsewhere

Purchase intent is so high on Amazon (after all, people are usually visiting with the intention to shop) that you may wonder why you would want to advertise anywhere else. But, going back to our point about visibility, the more places potential customers see you, the more they will recognise your brand and be likely to purchase from you.

Plus, you need to be realistic. Amazon is not the only place your customers will spend their time online. They will be on social media, checking their emails, using search engines – so you should make sure you’re seen in all of those places too!

Advertising on search engines and social media is pretty straight-forward, especially if you already have a handle on Amazon PPC. Search engines like Google, and social media sites like Facebook also work on a PPC basis when it comes to ads, so you will just need to follow the directions on the respective sites in order to get started.

6. Analyze Your Competitors

If you want to sell more, then it doesn’t hurt to take a look at your competition. Try to find out what they are doing better than you, and then implement that into your own listings. To start, visit their product listings and scan them for any keywords that you can use in your own PPC campaigns. There are a couple of great tools that can help you keep tabs on your competitors, one that we recommend is JungleScout.

You should also take note of where your competitors are falling short. Read their reviews and Q&A sections and highlight issues that keep popping up. Then, include the answers or solutions to those problems within your own product listing to encourage buyers to choose you over your competition.

One of the best ways to quickly sell more is to monitor when your competitors’ products go out of stock. If this ever happens, be sure to ramp up your PPC bids to take advantage of the extra market share for as long as possible.

7. Focus on Branding

If you aren’t making the sales you’d hoped, it could be something to do with your brand. Brand voice and brand image are important factors for creating a shopping experience that makes people feel good and brings them back for more.

Remember: Customers don’t build relationships with products, they build relationships with brands.

If you don’t have a brand, don’t worry. A lot of FBA sellers don’t have a clear direction for their brand when they start out. If you have limited or no experience in branding, then it can be easy to forget about it when it comes to creating your FBA business. At Northbound Academy, we’ve helped lots of clients realise this and seen their sales skyrocket as a result. Take a look at some of our success stories.

8. Take Advantage of Promos

If there’s one thing that gets people opening their wallets, it’s a good deal. By taking advantage of promotions, like Lightning Deals, you can draw more people to your listings and increase your sales in a short amount of time.

Lightning Deals appear under the ‘Today’s Deals’ section of Amazon and only last for a short period of time – typically for a few hours or until all of the units are sold. This sense of urgency can help to drive buyers to your listings, and the discount offered will encourage them to hit the buy button.


Another promotional technique that can increase sales is Coupons. Buyers can actively search for products that have coupons and then claim their discount at checkout:

Of course, to create a viable deal, you’re going to need to reduce your profit margin a little. But deals like the above are likely to increase your sales by an exponential amount, so reducing your profit margin shouldn’t hurt too much.

Final Thoughts

Building sales on Amazon is something that will take time – it’s unavoidable. However, there are ways in which you can speed up that process and we hope the tips and tricks in this article will help you do that.

We briefly touched on PPC above because – if you have the ad spend – it’s one of the most effective ways to increase visibility and sales on Amazon. To find out more, take a look at our free eBook: 5 Advanced Tips and Strategies for Amazon PPC.

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